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November 21, 2024


Active participants (presenter of paper)

The registration to the conference for active participants presenting a paper is done via the EasyChair conference submission system. After log-in, participants are required to enter all authors’ details and upload full papers and voluntarily extended abstracts, if they would like to publish it in the conference Book of Extended Abstracts. It is possible to pre-register earlier and upload the files later until the deadline. The Submission ID is important for payment and variable symbol.

You can reach your submission at this EasyChair website


Passive participants (attending co-author or participant without paper)

Attending co-authors and participants without any paper at the conference are required to register in the registration form for passive participants and provide all required information. The conference fee is the same for active and passive participants. The registration is completed after the payment is received to our account.



Registration is required for all participants attending the conference. All attending conference participants must pay the registration fee. For each paper, at least one author must attend and pay the registration fee. One participant can present maximum 2 papers.

Only submissions written in correct English are accepted.

The accommodation and transport is not included in the registration fee. Participants should make room reservations individually, directly to the selected hostel/hotel.

Participants have to arrange visa at their own.

Formatting Requirements - Full papers

*ATTENTION: For this year the submission of THE FULL PAPER IS OBLIGATORY because the conference uses the system of paper discussions held by senior researchers. Without submitting the full paper, the feedback can't be provided properly. All rights to the paper remain to the auth.

The paper format is free respecting standard structure of a scientific paper (Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, References) however the maximum length of the paper should not exceed 8.000 words (excluding references).

Formatting Requirements - Extended Abstract

The conference output will be a Book of Extended Abstracts.

See the Book of Extended Abstracts from last year 2023 here. 

Authors who wish to publish in the Book of Extended Abstracts, must express their decision during registration via EasyChair and they are required to submit an extended abstract using the template consisting following information: 

  • Title of the abstract
  • Names, affiliation of all authors and email addresses of corresponding authors
  • Keywords
  • JEL codes
  • Introduction
  • Material and Methods
  • Results
  • Conclusion
  • References

You can add tables and figures to the extended abstract, but the whole abstract must not exceed 2 A4 pages written on given template.

Each participant uploads to EasyChair submission system

  • the extended abstract in PDF,
  • the extended abstract in ZIP archive consisting source file/s of extended abstract (DOCX/DOC, independent pictures, tables in XLSX/XLS, LaTeX source files). 


Template for download (zip format)

Registration Fees

  • Conference fee is 1250 CZK
  • the fee is free of charge for the students (both part-time and full-time) of FBE MENDELU

The registration fee for active participation includes presentation of the submitted paper, personal access to all sessions and plenary session, printed version of Book of Extended Abstracts and printed copy of conference programme, organizational costs, conference bag, lunch and coffee breaks, social event in the evening.

The registration fee for passive participation includes personal access to all sessions and plenary session, printed version of Book of Extended Abstracts and printed copy of conference programme, organizational costs, conference bag, lunch and coffee breaks, social event in the evening.

Payment information

In order to receive an invoice, you must state this in the registration form. Invoices will be sent via email as a PDF attachment after the payment is made. Originals will be sent only if requested. If the bank transfer is ordered by a natural person, it is not possible to issue an invoice to a company or organisation afterwards.

 The invoice will be issued in CZK.

 There are 2 options available for participants how to make the payment.


1. Bank Transfer

Bank Account Number:

7200310267 / 0100

IBAN Code:

CZ70 0100 0000 0072 0031 0267

Bank Address:

KB Brno-Černá Pole, Merhautova 1, 631 32 Brno, Czech Republic



Variable symbol / Reference number: 


Variable symbol has 10 figures.

Active participants and co-authors: Last 3 figures of variable symbol ("nnn") should be completed with your EasyChair ID that you will get after the registration.

Example: Submission 3 -> Variable symbol: 1240201003.

Passive participants without paper


Variable symbol: 1240201999


Message to the remittee / Note for beneficiary:

Please always include participant name in the payment details.

Participants are responsible for any wire transfer fees from their bank.


2. FLYWIRE (only for transfers from abroad)

Participants paying from foreign accounts can use application Flywire which allows excellent exchange rates, fast and secure payments.

How to make the payment with Flywire? Please follow these instruction.

Cancellation Policy

No cancellation after the registration deadline (21st October 2024) is possible.

Note: The conference organizers are not responsible for no granting a visa to a conference participant.

Full Conference Terms and Conditions 

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